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Facial Treatments
Marine Glow Facial
This treatment suits combination, dehydrated skin and especially dull, lifeless skin that needs toning, stimulating & oxygenating. Ideal as a series for a bride-to-be. (rec 6-10)
This treatment will restore radiance and glow to the complexion.  Enriched with centella asiatica, rosehip oil, Vitamin A&E, elastin, collagen and liposomes  it will hydrate, tone, soften and strengthen the skin and will add a protective barrier to the negative external factor.
Price: $100
1 hour treatment 

Home use: Miracle Relief Serum to be used under moisturiser

Clear Skin Facial
An acne treatment to help with the clearing of eruptions, pustules and to keep the acne under control. This facial contains a combination of Vitamin A, multi-fruit acid, minerals, deep cleansing clays and plant essences including tea tree and Roman chamomile.
Price: $90 
1 hour treatment

Home Use: Clear Skin kit 
Multifruit Acid Serum 
Multifruit Acid Exfoliating Scrub
Deep Cleansing Drawing Mask

Warming Mineral Facial
This facial will detoxify and help the skin to purge blockages and waste. The treatment will deep cleanse and stimulate the skin’s circulation, almost like a “mini sauna”.  This includes a Zeolite mineral mask that warms the skin, absorbs impurities and re-mineralises.
Price: $90
1 hour treatment
Home Use: Miracle Relief Serum (must-have after this treatment to

 relax and soothe newly cleansed skin)
Anti Stress Facial for Sensitive Skin
This treatment  is designed for skin prone to redness, flakiness, irritation and dehydration.Also for rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczma and ideal post IPL or microderm. This mask contains natural anti-inflammatories that help reduce the signs of sensitivity as well as soothe and hydrate. The result – skin will look and feel calmer, softer and hydrated.
Price: $100
1 hour treatment  
Home Use: Sensitive Skin Cleanser
Lavender Floral Water
Miracle Relief Serum/Sensitive Skin Lotion Serum  
Soothing Moisture Balm
Gentle Facial Exfoliating Scrub
Soothing Moisture Mask

Post Laser Facial Recovery Kit/Paramedical Skin Kit

Anti Ageing Hydra Restore Treatment
A 100% natural precious hot oil infusion facial to restore hydration, nourish and stimulate skin. This is a beautiful, indulgent treatment facial that eradicates signs of superficial wrinkles and dehydration. Your skin will be infused with moisture, feeling softer, looking healthier, younger and radiant.  
Price: $120  

1 hour treatment  

Home Use: Vitamin C Booster Serum – is a must-have after this treatment

to boost and treat skin

Anti Wrinkle Hydrating Eye Treatment
This anti wrinkle eye treatment will deeply hydrate, restore softness to skin and will diminish appearance of wrinkles; with Vitamins, Marine extracts and Shea butter
Price: $45      

25 minute treatments 

Home Use: Oil Free Make Up Remover,Collagen Eye Gel, Protective Nutri Eye Cream,Tetra Peptide Repair Eye Cream – Firming Lift Range                                                      

Firming Lift Oligopeptide Infusion Treatment
A highly active treatment to help strengthen, protect, firm, tone and condition skin. with Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Collagen, Ceramide 2, Elastin, Liposomes, Centella Asiatica, Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Sandlewood and Myrrh essential oils.
It is an intensive restructuring treatment for skin that is showing signs of reduced  firmness, hydration and elasticity levels
Price: $150
1 hour treatment  

Home Use:  Firming Lift/Anti-age Range

Firming Eye Oligo Treatment
This treatment will firm, strengthen and oxygenate skin around the eye area. With Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Collagen, Ceramide 2, Elastin, Liposomes and Centella Asiatica
Price: $45
25 minute treatment

Home Use: Oil-Free Make Up Remover
Firming Collagen Eye Gel
Firming Lift Repair Eye Cream with Tetra Peptides
or Protective Nutri Eye Cream

Firming Lift Bust Treatment
A highly active treatment to help strengthen, protect, firm, tone and condition skin on neck, décolletage and bust areas
Price: $100
1 hour treatment 

Home Use: Tetra Peptide Repair Neck & Bust Cream

This skin rejuvenation treatment is operated by a vacuum system using aluminum oxide crystals which whisks away the exfoliated tissue. The treatment stimulates the collagen production creating new tissue growth helping to soften, smooth and rejuvenate the skin.
Microdermabrasion also helps reduce black heads, sun spots, pigmentation and fine lines.
A series of four to six treatments are recommended to achieve the maximum results and bimonthly treatments are recommended for maintenance. Follow up treatments will leave your skin feeling tighter and smoother. It is advised to avoid sun exposure for the next few days.
Price: Express Micro
(30 mins)   $50
Extended Micro with massage and mask         (60 mins)   $90
Home use: Miracle Relief Serum  
Rosehip Oil 
Sun Block

GLY C Facial Rejuvenation Peel – GLYCOLIC PEEL 15%,   25%,   40%
This peel treatment is recommended to have a series of 5 peels with different strengths according to the skin’s tolerance.
A great instant pick-me-up
Price $55
20-30 minute treatment
Home Use: Gentle or Active GLY C REFINE Skin Refining Kit
Micro Dermabrasion Facial Exfoliating Scrub
GLY C REFINE Mini Peel Facial Mask 
Rosehip Oil or Miracle Relief Serum (twice daily)

For Men – The Ultimate Intensive Facial
Although men’s  skin is thicker and more resilient than female skin it undergoes many daily stresses like harsh soaps and shaving creams and UV sun exposure from outdoor activities. Therefore men often experience skin dryness, stinging, burning and itching  especially on shaving areas like cheeks, chin and neck.

  • Tolerance Enhancer Complex (liquorice root, Horse chestnut)             
  • Pomegranate Extract - (40% Ellagic Acid)- antioxidant, collagen production & cell regeneration, sun damage reduction & protection from photo-ageing, promotes wound healing and prevents cancerous changes due to UV exposure .
  • Lime – astringent action of this essential oil stimulates skintone, detoxifies & clears skin of toxic waste

Antiseptic, antiviral, disinfectant, bactericidal, astringent, restorative
A deep cleansing, soothing treatment that restores resilience, softness and hydration to skin. Includes deep exfoliation, soothing massage and treatment mask
Price: $90  Home Use: For Men Lime & Pomegranate Range

For Men’s Kit
Hair Removal
(We use Cold/Strip wax, Hot/Hard wax and Roll on wax to suit all needs)

Eyebrow Shaping                                                         from 19
Upper lip wax 9
Chin wax 9
Nostril wax  10
Full face wax (chin, lip, sides & eyebrows) 35
Under arm wax 17
½ arm wax (elbow to hands) 25
Full arm wax (shoulder to fingers) 30
Lower ½ leg wax  29
3/4 Leg Wax
Full leg wax 
Full leg & bikini line/Brazilian 65/90
Top ½ leg & bikini line 45
Bikini line wax    from 20
¾ G string bikini line  30
Brazilian wax   from
Kojak (Full Removal)                                                            

For Men

Full arm & hands wax 40
Full back & shoulder wax  65
Full chest & stomach wax   60
Chest wax     30
Full leg wax  75

Bleaching    (long lasting and non-irritating)

Full  arms (15 minutes) 25
Face (lip, chin & sides) 20

Permanent Hair Reduction Treatments
We use the Ipulse (square light) permanent hair reduction machine
A consultation is required to give an estimate of the price and treatment – includes test patch on area to be treated

Consultation (30 min and refundable at first treatment) 50
Underarm from 60
Bikini line from 100
Brazilian from 200
Chin & lip from 50
Acne and rosacia from 150
Skin rejuvenation, pigmentation&vascular from 250

Hand Care

Express manicure (30 mins) (nail shaping, buffing, cuticle trimming, massage and paint) 30
Deluxe Spa Manicure (45 mins) (as above plus a hand exfoliation and a more indulgent experience) 45
Nailshape/buff and polish            20
Nailshape/buff and French polish 25

Foot Care

Express pedicure (30 mins)
(Toe nail shaping, buffing, massage & polish)  
Deluxe Spa pedicure (60 mins)  65

(As above+ aromatic  spa, foot scrub, hydrating foot & calf massage)

Tinting/Perming Treatments
(Naturally enhancing)

Eyebrows (black, brown or grey) 15
Eyelashes (black, brown or blue-black)  20
Both eyebrow & eyelash tint   30
Semi-permanent eyelash curling 45
Semi-permanent eyelash perming with tinting   60

(Forget curling wands and mascara – this treatment will last up to 3 months!)

We use ‘Elusyion’ 100% WA made, mineral & organic Makeup range

Trial makeup (includes personalized colour chart) 30
School Balls/special occasion makeovers (40 mins)   55
Wedding makeup (natural & photographic-50 mins)   80
Can also do mobile at an extra call out fee from 20

Healing and Relaxing Cocoon Wrap
This cocoon wrap with honey and macadamia will unwind the body, calm the mind, and soothe the soul. It is a must have for stressed nerves and mind
Price: $120
1 hour treatment
Home use: RELAX Balneotherapy Foam

RELAX Aroma Indulgence Products  

RELAXING and Unwinding Essential Oils

Tropical Breeze Body Delight Treatment
This is a feel good body treatment to delight your senses. This warming stimulating skin tingling body scrub with ginger, cinnamon, lime and citrus peel is followed by an indulgent mango whip body clay mask with strawberries and pomegranate. Good enough to eat
Price: $120

Home use: Body contour gel for cellulite
Balneotherapy bath foam
Replenishing hand and body lotion

Chakra Clearing Heavenly Healing Massage
This soothing treatment that clears negative energy blocking the links between spirit mind and body releases new energy and a sense of wellbeing.
Price: $ 90
1 hour treatment
Home use: Aroma Indulgence products body care 
Specialised Formulations for Body products
Dry Skin products esp Coconut Body Butter 

Ocean Marine Spa Body Firming Treatment
A stimulating body treatment to help firm and condition skin & body. Ideal weight loss program when skin is feeling loose and saggy. This luxurious treatment imparts a revitalised feeling to your body.
Price: $120
1 hour treatment
Home Use: Body Contour Gel with triple action for Cellulite
Balneotherapy Bath Foam – SKIN MAINENANCE

Thermal Springs Tension Release Treatment
A deep acting treatment for tired, aching muscles and joints. Release and relieve tension in neck, shoulders & back. Ideal for athletes and all weary bodies, especially post sport. A treatment with a warming, deep acting thermal effect, suitable for arthritis, rheumatism and clients who feel the cold.
Price $100
1 hour treatment
Home Use: Muscles and Joints/Sport Balneotherapy Foam
Skin Decongesting Body Lotion

Deep Earth Mineral Warming Treatment
A warming deep acting treatment that uses active minerals and plant essences to draw out impurities, leaving the skin & body feeling lighter, smoother and relaxed. This treatment is designed for a total body rebalancing using some of earth’s powerful elements.
Price $120
1 hour treatment
Home Use: Balneotherapy Bath Foams
Gly C Refine Body Kit 

Forest Green Body Smoothing Treatment – Decongesting
Not to be performed on women who are pregnant or breast feeding
A decongesting body treatment tor thick textured, congested skin prone to ‘bumpiness’ and roughness, ingrown hairs, oiliness and breakouts. This invigorating treatment leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed. Great all year round but ideal in summer.
Price: $120
1 hour treatment
Home Use: Skin Decongesting Body Lotion                                   
Balneotherapy Bath Foam/Multifruit Acid Cleansing Gel
Gly C Refine Body Kit (containing body wash 14%, hand & body scrub 14% and body moisturiser 10%)

Salon Acne Back Treatment
Not to be performed on women who are pregnant or breast feeding
An intensive, deep cleansing treatment for back area suffering from acne, oiliness and blemishes. Also ideal for chest and arm area suffering from unsightly blemishes
Price: $100
1 hour treatment
Home Use: Wash morning & night with Multi Fruit Acid Cleansing Gel
Apply Intensive Spot Serum onto affected areas during   day
Apply Intensive Oil Control Night Gel onto affected area    at night

Gly C Micro-Dermabrasion Body Treatment
Idea body treatment for stretch marks, aged scars, rough, thickened, pigmented, sun damaged skin. Also ideal in the management of ingrown hairs. Can be performed on rough, calloused hands and feet also.
Price: $100
45 minute treatment
Home Use: Gly C REFINE Body Refining Kit  
Gly C Body Exfoliating Scrub
Rosehip Oil/Soothing Moisture Balm
Miracle Relief Serum (twice daily)

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